Thistle Threads

Goldwork Master Class

$ 810.00

Thistle Threads

Goldwork Master Class

$ 810.00

Click on blue link for monthly payments:  

9-month installments for USA ($90 month)

9-month installments for Canada ($92 month)

9-month installments for Rest of World (95/month)

Rolling class start.  The course is ongoing at the moment. Students who join now into the 18-month course will join mid-way with accelerated payments.  You get access to all published lessons to this point.  The first kit is shipped now with the second batch after the fourth payment.

This is the last running of the popular Goldwork Master Class.  Unfortunately the Japanese needles have become too hard to get and the linen for the main project is now out of production.  I have 6 open spots right now.  The course will be open until all spots are registered and is at your own pace.

The course is 18-months long and uses historical objects from the MFA collection to explore the varied stitches like up and down buttonhole and plaited braid where gold was taken through the surface of the linen in complex knotted stitches during a period of the 17th century.  History lessons will be combined with stitch instructions and five projects to showcase your learning.  We start with a master spot sampler to test each stitch and move on to smalls and a second band sampler.  The threads, linens and any needed finishing materials are included in the two kits.  

The stitch instructions for the 29 gold-work stitches are supplemented by animations of each stitch which can be played over and over to understand the working.  

The pieces have faux gold threads included which are easier to work with, but there will be an extra real gold thread package in the second kit that allows substitution and extra threads to work future projects with.  There are two shipments, the first contains the threads and fabric for the Spot Sampler.  The second shipment contains the threads and materials for the rest of the projects.  Kits will be mailed first class.  There is a special page that describes how the course lessons are delivered, downloaded, etc - check the FAQ.

The projects are:

Spot Sampler

Tutor Band Sampler

Golden Accessories 

Tudor Pincushion (rusts)

Small Pincushion (blues)